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MJP Solicitors - Clinical Negligence

Common Questions

Q. How often will I be able to speak with my case handler?

You will be able to communicate with your case handler by telephone, email and/or via our internal case management system which allows you to message your case handler 24/7.

You will be able to speak with someone in our office between 9.00am – 5.00pm Monday – Friday.

You can choose your preferred means to channel communication. If you would like us to correspond with you in writing we will do that, if you would prefer email then we will email you, if you would like updates by telephone then we will ensure that this happens.

Q. Is it necessary for me to instruct a local solicitor?

This is a common question. We act for clients all over England and Wales and irrespective of where you live you will receive a high quality service.

There is no need because of our case management system and the processes that we operate for you to meet with your solicitor in the office. You will always have a direct line to your dedicated case handler and you can speak to your case handler as often as you like.

Our unique online tracking system allows 24/7 online access to your case record.

Q. How will you be required to sign documents?

Our case tracking system allows you to upload documents electronically as well as download them. We will send documents that need to be signed either through our case tracking system or by email.

If you are not somebody who likes to make use of technology then we will do it the old fashioned way and send it through the post.

Q. How do we know that your price is the best available?

Our price is a competitive one and is a lot less than the fee most other firms charge. This is because we possess a high level of expertise; we operate with low overheads as well as using technology to ensure we can offer a low cost but professional service.

Our fee structure is transparent in every respect and we make the commitment to ensure that no fees remain hidden and that all cost you will need to meet is made known to you at the beginning.

Other firms will try and charge you extra for indemnity insurance, stamp duty filing, registration expedition fee, file storage fee etc. We charge none of these fees as they are all included in our fixed fee which we quote at the outset.

Q. Why choose MJP Conveyancing?

We are professional and quick!

We have many years of experience in helping people move home and all of our case handlers are committed to taking the stress and worry out of your move.

You will be kept informed of developments

You will have direct access to your case handler and we are open Monday to Thursday until 8 pm and on Saturdays between 10 am and 1 pm.

Using our unique online tracking system you will be able to find out what is happening even when we are closed.

Q. Do we operate in Scotland?

Unfortunately we do not. Our services are available in England and Wales only.

Q. Can I discuss my transaction with a solicitor before I decide to instruct MJP Conveyancing?

Yes you can.

Please call our team on 01603 877001 or email us at with a brief description of your query and a telephone number and details of when it would be convenient for us to call you.

Q. Is your personal data securely held by us?

We do not send any of your data offshore and we will not share your personal data with any third parties unless you consent to such disclosure.

Q. How do I instruct MJP Conveyancing?

It is easy to instruct us. You will first need to obtain a quote. Once you have got this you will then be provided with a user name and password to communicate with your dedicated case handler using our online case management system or by telephone.

Q. How much will I need to pay upon the commencement of my instructions?

If you are buying then we collect from you at the outset £50.00 on account of the quoted fixed fee together with £220.00 to cover the immediate cost of searches.

On a sale we only ask for £50 on account of the quoted fixed fee. You can contact us on 01603 877000 and make this payment by credit card.

You will then pay the legal costs and rest of the payments once your sale and or purchase reaches the stage of exchange. These details will be included on your online completion statement.

Q. What happens if my transaction falls through?

You do not have to pay us any more than the £50.00 (and also if buying the search fee of £220 if the searches have been ordered and delivered) which is collected from you at the outset.

We will limit our fees in such circumstances to the initial £50.00 payment. You will not be required to pay anything more.

Q. How do I sign into my tracking account?

Once you have instructed us and returned the client care letter you will receive an email with your user name and password. This will enable you to login to your account.

Q. How do I check on what’s happening with your transaction?

You can either telephone your case handler or sign into your account. Every time you sign into your account you will see an update on what is happening.

Q. What happens if you lose your user name/password?

You can email us and we will send you a new password.

Q. How do you update your contact details?

You can do this by emailing us at we will then alter the details on our records straightaway.

Q. How do I get documents to you?

You can either send them by post or upload them electronically in to your Journal which is part of your account. To upload documents, go to your Journal and click on documents, this will then ask you to select the document from your computer and to then click the upload button.