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Our promise for complete transparency on all our fees

We offer

  • Quick and ‘no obligation’ quoting service
  • Full transparency - all items quoted are explained and you will always know exactly how much you will be required to pay for our service
  • We guarantee no ‘Nasty Surprises’ – You only pay what we quote unless of course there are major changes/hiccups in the transaction which we were not aware of at the time of giving the quote, but see other fees below.

Our fees:

There are two elements that make up our fees:

  • The first is our fee for doing the work, and
  • the second is the money which we have to pay others for the service they provide in connection with your transaction. These are commonly known as "Disbursements".

Fixed fee

The fee you pay us for the work we do is fixed with prices starting from as low as £330 plus VAT, depending on the value of the property. To find out exactly what your sale or purchase will cost, get an instant and free conveyancing quote.

This fixed fee also includes:

  • Professional indemnity insurance
  • Stamp Duty Land Tax Registration
  • Post Photocopying and Phone calls
  • File storage fee

Other fees

There is an extra charge to add if you are buying with a mortgage because we will be required to act for your lender as well as you, and to undertake work in reporting to your lender and overseeing the registration of your lender’s mortgage at the Land Registry.

We will tell you how much the extra charge is when we receive the mortgage offer because the offer letter will specify how much the fee will be. It is usually around £150 plus VAT. We will not charge you any more than your lender specifies and will cap the fee at £150 plus VAT even if the fee shown in the offer letter is more.

If you are buying or selling a house involving unregistered land (land not yet registered at the Land Registry) and or a lease there will be an extra fee of £170 plus VAT because these transactions involve additional work. If we know when you request a quote this extra work is involved the additional charge will be included in your quote. If we find out subsequently after the quote is issued, we will tell you straight away.

Other third party costs (disbursements)

In addition to the fee you pay us, you will need to pay for the following services. These costs are always part of buying or selling a home, no matter which property lawyer you choose.

Our commitment is to tell you up front how much these third party costs will be – everything is included in your conveyancing quote and with our Price Transparency Promise, there are no hidden charges and no surprises.

Third Part Costs (disbursements) on a purchase

Land Registry Charge

This is a fee payable to the Land Registry for the registration of the change of ownership of the property. A sliding scale of fees applies and is dependent on the property value. You can see how much these will be by requesting a quote.

Local authority search, Environmental search, Water and Drainage search
  • A search is undertaken with the Local Authority to see if there are any plans which might affect the property you are buying.
  • A separate Water authority and drainage search shows details about the mains water supply, the removal of sewage and surface water, which authority provides the water and what the charges will be.
  • A separate environmental search surveys past uses of the land and identify the risk of contaminated land and or flooding.

The total cost of all of these searches is £230.40 inclusive of VAT and includes our fee for ordering and reporting to you on the searches.

Sometimes we are required to advise that additional searches such as a mining search will be required. If this happens we will report to you and will advise you of the additional cost.

Bankruptcy search (purchase and mortgage transactions only)

Mortgage lenders require us to carry out this search to find out whether the potential borrower has been made bankrupt
£2 per person

Identity check

This is an online check against national records to confirm you exist. We will also ask you to provide copies of ID documentation and a proof of current address.
£9 plus VAT per person

Priority search

A priority search ensures that no charges can land on a property for 40 days after completion.

TT Fees

Upon completing the purchase we will need to send your money to the seller and we do this through the Bank. Our charge for is £36 inclusive of VAT and this includes our fee for overseeing the transaction and making sure everything proceeds according to plan.

Disbursements on a sale

Official copy of Land Register

This is a copy of the information/plan held by the Land Registry to show the recorded details of the property.

Between £8 and £20 depending on what we need to be able to satisfy the request of your buyers solicitors

Official copy of lease (only relevant in a leasehold sale)

This is the copy of the lease, which details the term of the lease, the amount of rent payable and all other obligations affecting the property.

£12 It may be necessary to order other documents referred to in the register held at the Land Registry – if this is necessary we will notify you of this and of the extra cost.

TT Fees

Upon completing the sale and if there is a mortgage we will need to send your money to your lender to clear the mortgage debt. We do this through the Bank. Our charge for is £36 inclusive of VAT and this includes our fee for overseeing the transaction and making sure everything proceeds according to plan.

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