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We will move you in 4 easy steps

  1. Quoting and Instructing us
  2. Contracts
  3. Completion
  4. Finalising details

How long will it all take?

We will endeavour to ensure that the time between (1) sending out a Contract (in connection with your sale) or receiving a Contract (in respect of your purchase) and (2) exchange of Contracts (when you become legally obliged to complete the transaction) takes no longer than 4 weeks.

At present our average turnaround time is 3 weeks.*

“My solicitor David Pett was accessible, helpful, encouraging, effective & persued any information I requested to receive!”.

C Ward (13th March 2012)

Stage What does this mean? What do we do? What do we need you to do?


We will tell you how much it will cost you to instruct us and if you are happy with our quote we will send out to you the information and documents we need from you to begin work.

Provide you with an instant and ‘no obligation’ quote. we will provide you with a price transparency promise which means that we will tell you exactly how much you will need to pay. There will be no hidden charges.

We will send you documentation in connection with your sale/purchase for completion which will need to be returned to us before we can start work

Once we have all of the documents back we will advise you of who will be your case handler.

Provide you with a user name and password to login to your Journal using our online case management system.

We will also establish contact with the buyer(s) solicitors if you are selling and or the seller(s) solicitors to tell them that we have been instructed.

Consider and hopefully accept the quote. Tell the selling agent and other parties involved that you have appointed MJP Conveyancing as your solicitors.

If you are purchasing a property a Money Laundering Questionnaire, photographic identification (passport and or photo driving license) and completion of a Source of Funds Form which we will send to you.

Complete the paperwork including our client care agreement and to return this to u ass quickly as you can together with a payment of £50 on account of our fees on a sale and £270 on account of our fees and search costs on a purchase. By asking for the search money upfront we will be able to order your searches as soon as we receive the contract and this will help quicken the process.

If you are selling it helps us if you could find and make available to us any documentation such as planning, guarantees etc


This is a key moment. Exchange of contracts creates a legal binding commitment between you and either your seller or buyer. You will know that once Contracts are exchanged the purchase and or sale is definitely going to go ahead.

On a purchase:

If you are buying we will report to you once the Contract is received from the selling solicitors. We will report to you on your mortgage offer once it is through.

We will order searches

and report on the results – the search reports will be sent to you direct using the email address that you provide us with.

We will arrange for you to sign the Contract once we have approved it.

Prepare for you to view from your online Journal a draft completion statement showing the financial aspects of your sale and or purchase

On a sale:

We will send out to the buyer(s) solicitors a Contract and supporting documents.

We will respond to any questions raised by the buyer(s) solicitors about your property.

Prepare for you to view from your online Journal a draft completion statement showing the financial aspects of your sale and or purchase

Once these steps have been taken we will then obtain your authority to exchange contracts.

You will need to make sure as mentioned that the building policy is on risk. This is the stage at which a date for completion is agreed. The completion date is the date on which you will collect the keys to the property you are purchasing or give up your keys on the property you are selling.

Arrange for a survey

Ensure that we are sent the mortgage offer.

Upon or prior to exchange of contracts arrange building insurance.

Organise and send us your deposit.

Approve the online completion statement

Sign and return the Contract and transfer.

Arrange removals/meter readings.

Agree through us a date ( completion date) when you will physically move into your new home and or out of your old home


This is when the legal ownership of the property transfers. There is normally a week or so between exchange and completion though on rare occasions exchange and completion can take place on the same day.

On a purchase we will pay the money required to purchase the property and on a sale receive the money that you require to sell the property.

You will on your purchase get your keys and then hopefully breaks open the Champagne


This is when we will tie up any lose ends and if you are buying make sure the property is registered in your name and that the mortgage you have taken out is also registered to protect your lender’s interest.

We will also in accordance with your instructions pay stamp duty if this is required. If you are selling we will ensure that any mortgage has been repaid and discharged and the balance of funds are paid to you immediately.

We will also send out to you a feedback questionnaire which we would ask you to complete and send back to us. This is important because it helps us maintain standards of service and to improve areas of service where this is necessary.

Mainly sit back and enjoy your new home.

Return to us or complete online our feedback questionnaire.